Shenseea breaks silence on leaked explicit photos, admitted that she does 'give heads' and has taken a liking to it.

broke her silence on a viral photo of a woman alleged to be the “Position” singer “giving head” on her manager, Romeich. 

The artist has denied being the person in the photo before admitting that she does perform the act and has taken a liking to it.

“I do suck d**k if that’s what we’re tryna get, I mean, me nah go lie. Me like that sh*t but that’s not me (on the video),” she asserted in the video via Instagram.

She pointed out some stark differences between herself and the woman in the infamous picture before going on to highlight the lengths people would go to in an effort to drag her down.

“Me nuh have nuh acne inna my face, never yet have acne inna my face, point blank. As a matter of fact, round di brim a my finger dem nuh black … thirdly, my eyelash dem nuh so long, they’ve never been that long and with dat deh big whole smile deh weh a show pan deh picture deh, I have a dimple, where’s that dimple on the picture? I just don’t get it,” she said in the video.

She also addressed the rumours that the man in the photo was not her manager.

“I don’t think Romeich have coolie hair pan him head and have negro hair pan him pubic area but, it’s a good story though,” she said.

has also shot down the rumors saying that it’s just some envious people trying to tear down Shenseea.

“They trying all type a shit but wont stop me or my team @romeichentertainment to get that #dufflebag #day8 😉😉,” he wrote.

Since Shenseea made that post, the entertainer has been receiving much support from fans. They were particularly satisfied that the artiste admitted to performing act, which is considered as a taboo in Jamaica.

Many believe that since she put that bit of information out there, they have no issue believing that if the woman in the photo was indeed her, she would have owned up to it.

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