Shenseea adds more fuel to rumors that she is dating her manager Romeich during a live performance on stage.

recently reignited rumors that she and her manager are a couple.

The artist, whose real name is Chinsea Lee, may have confirmed her relationship with Romeich amids her live performance at on the Beach in Barbados.

During a dance off between Shenseea and another female with Romeich, the “Love I Got For U” singjay referred to her manager as “my man” before adjusting her speech to “manager.”

“A my man… ager you wan tek weh? she asked on stage.

Watch: #Shenseea confirmed Manager dating rumors on Stage?

Several Dancehall fans has took to social media to comment on the controversy.

“Yes, we all know that you [Shenseea] and your manager is a item. No need to hide anymore,” one fan expressed.

“Why are they still hiding. Its obvious they are more than just close business partners,” another fan said.

Shenseea has yet to officially admit or deny the rumors.

Shenseea and Romeich Dating Rumors Sparked

In a mushy tribute last year, Shenseea said she was lucky to have the businessman as her manager, and thanked him for pushing her beyond her limits while referring to him as “MINE.”

However, at that time, Romeich told media reporters that he maintains a close relationship with her but it is nothing romantic.

“We are not a couple. We close, yes, but not a couple,” he said.

Romeich has been Shenseea’s manager since her first arrival in the music industry in 2016. The two have been spotted traveling and lounging together on social media. Fanatics have since speculated that the two are dating.

Shenseea is known for her hit single, “Loodi,” featuring .

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