Shenseea Recalls Struggle Life; From Bottle Girl To Rising Dancehall Star

Shenseea went down memory lane to when she was just a bottle girl and could only afford "fake slippers."

Shenseea Recalls Poor Life; From Bottle Girl To Rising Dancehall Star 1

is riding high and enjoying her new-found success with a couple of hits under her belt and a fast growing fan base.

The 20-year-old former Mona High student, whose given name is Chinsea Lee, has revealed that a lot has changed over the last year for her life.

Shenseea Recalls Poor Life; From Bottle Girl To Rising Dancehall Star 2

Her hit single “Loodi” featuring was one of the biggest songs in 2017.

Her career was fueled by controversy over the original recording of the track which only featured the “Fever” deejay. She also scored with “Jiggle Jiggle,” “Reverse” and “Rollin” featuring Grammy award-winning artist .

Shenseea recently took to social media to express that career wasn’t an overnight success story.

The Instagram post included a photo of herself working as a promo girl for the Dream Weekend party series.

She said hard work brought her where she is today and even reminisced on how she was teased over the fact that she wore the same “fake slippers” repeatedly.

She also preached patience and humility.

See Shenseea’s post in full below.

“Throwback to when I was a bottle girl at Dream Weekend…Hustler from long time…Most Outstanding Bottle girl. A nuh just now me a work hard…Nuff people used to trouble me about my “fake slippers” weh look like “Bridget” and dem tired fi see me beat me one slippers and laugh afa me. But guess what! That didn’t stop me nor distract me from my work. I wear what I have to do what is necessary! Not once have i overstepped my boundaries to please society. Plus, I now have so many Bridgets I cant count, yet never showed them off. I still remain humble through it all..Alot has changed, I have changed for the better but still as REAL as can be. I am not a materialistic woman, never will be. I can only enjoy what this world has for me because when i’m gone none of it will be taken with me. I’ve worked too hard to be where I am…and will continue until I find no more reason to do so. God, my talent, work ethics and personality will get me exactly where I want to be.”

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