Shenseea Reveals She Does Not Know Her Father

Shenseea reveals she does not know her father as she has never met him before.

Shenseea Reveals She Does Not Know Her Father

has disclosed that she has never met her father.

The artist recently told media reporters that while not growing up with her father does affect the way she deals with some emotional issues, she does not consider his absence to have had a great impact on her overall development.

Shenseea Reveals She Does Not Know Her Dad

She revealed that family members told her that her father, who is Asian, left when her mother was six months pregnant.

Her siblings also provided stories about his socio-economic background.

“I asked questions and the response was that my Korean father was wealthy and in a gang, and because of that, he had to travel,” she stated.

The “Love I Got For You” singer believes that even if he had returned to St Elizabeth where her family lived, her father would not know where to start as they migrated to Kingston.

“Even with all that information [while growing up] I never yet said, ‘if my dad was around mi wouldn’t ah live suh enuh’. I don’t think it impacted me; I don’t even know or think it impacted my mother,” she expressed.

Shenseea Says She Does Not Know Her Father

However, the Jamaican artist indicated that she would not close the door on her father if he ever turns up.

“It’s not a must [to meet him] but I know I would not be in tears. We could find out about each other. I would not shun him,” she noted.

“Everything I’ve been through [including not having a father] really made me the person I am and I love who I am, although I have to work on things like forgiving people,” she added.

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