Shenseea twerks and gets spanked by her manager Romeich at party in Negril. Suggestive video sparks dating rumor!

and her manager are making rounds online after a “suggestive spanking video” surfaced.

Over the weekend, the artist shared a controversial footage of herself partying at Dream Weekend 2018.

The video shows Shenseea dancing to ’s smash hit single “Under Water” before Romeich slapped her buttocks.

Peep the video and continue reading below!

The short clip was enough for several Dancehall insiders to believe the pair is romantically involved.

“Lmao that slap that he gave her confirmed they be f**king 🤣. N***a hit her with a “wait till we back at the hotel” slap,” one user wrote.

“So wait? Bosses can just slap workers on their ass now? Lol something personal is definitely going on with them,” another questioned.

However, others believe it was simply harmless fun and online users were just reaching to fuel the relationship rumours between the two.

“She posted other stories but everyone gotta be posting this with the slap all to stir up trouble! Y’all are sooo damn messy 😂,” one fan expressed.

Last month, Shenseea addressed rumours that she’s dating Romeich Major.

The “Loodi” singer said she is not the woman who sleeps with a man to get to where she wants.

“If I am even gonna have sex with somebody, I’m not gonna do it to get somewhere, that’s not me. So even if people a go say me and Romeich deh and whatever, it would never be to elevate myself,” she told reporters.

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The 21-year-old entertainer also expressed that she is not keen on dating men in the industry.

“When it comes on to music, I don’t talk to males; management deal wid dem straight and I don’t mind it, because when you associate yourself with too many people, rumours start going around when nothing is even going on and I am not about that,” she said.

“You notice unu nuh hear me all about the place. I don’t even know how they are in that type of way. If is not on a business level, I don’t get to know any of them,” she added.

Shenseea further indicated that she is very serious about the type of man she is interested in, adding that that she’s big on personality and wants to be with someone who is selfless, reliant and makes her smile.

“My ideal guy has to have a sweet personality. No matter how you look, once your personality up deh and it’s what I’m looking for when it comes on to kindness, compassion, how you treat yourself and others, you will get my attention,” she said.

The mum of one said she is currently dating but would hold off on the labels for now.

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