Reggae star Sizzla Kalonji recently lashed out at Dancehall fellows Alkaline and Gage in a stage show rant.

Sizzla Kalonji burns out Alkaline, Gage, Bleacher and Bow Cats

star recently lashed out at fellows and in a stage show rant.

Hype Life Magazine gathered that Sizzla took a break from his set while performing at a local event in Jamaica to talk about the current state of Dancehall culture.

“Me find out say nuff tings a gwaan inna Jamaica and a unuh, the fans, a support it. Unuh as selectors, me nuh want hear no Throat,” Sizzla said in reference to the song from Gage.

“You see Alkaline and di whole a unuh weh a try pollute this, unuh need fi sing some other lyrics. A unuh madda unuh a dis round yah. Me nuh care a which selector or which sound. Me a bad man and unuh … caan do me nutten” Sizzla Kalonji  further stated live on stage.

Watch the uncensored footage with Sizzla Kalonji burning out Alkaline and Gage!

Dancehall artist Gage has denied Internet rumours that he has disrespected reggae artiste Sizzla in his song called ‘Still A Suck It’.

The song is a follow-up to his popular single ‘Throat’, which received backlash from Sizzla.

According to Gage’s manager, Cornelius Daley, YouTube uploaders are seeking views for their channel, by labelling the song a diss to the former Grammy-nominated singer.

Daley says Gage was not affected by Sizza’s bashing of Throat, because everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Daley also highlighted that Gage has other materials which are not based on sex. However, the media does not give attention to those songs.

The manager also disclosed that persons have been supporting the new single on local and international radio. A music video will also be released for Still A SuckIt in coming weeks.

Alkaline as yet to respond to Sizzla’s rant.

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