Sizzla's feud with gays is far from over.
LGBT activist groups cut the Reggae artist of a US upcoming show and accused him of being gay.

Kalonji is under attack from LGBT activist groups amidst the Jamaican artist’s US tour.

California lobby groups, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Queer Humboldt, have launched campaigns to prevent Sizzla from performing at an upcoming stage show in San Francisco.

The campaign was launched following news that the “Solid As A Rock” deejay, who performed at on the River in  Humboldt County earlier this month, has gotten his US visa instated after 8 years.

Video: Sizzla Reggae On The River 2016 Performance

On Facebook, Sister Roma of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence writes:

“Props to Ira Sandler and 1015 for canceling this hate-filled, homophobic monster’s concert,” adding, “Sad part is, he’s probably gay…”

Sizzla Kalonji Returns To U.S. After 8-Year-Absence

Sizzla was set to perform at SoMa nightclub 1015 Folsom on September 23 as part of his “Back in the USA” tour. However, as of August 23, 1015’s owner, Ira Sandler, announced that the show was canceled.

Meanwhile, Sizzla has shows confirmed in Santa Cruz, California on September 26, and at Petaluma’s Mystic Theatre on September 27.

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