Dancehall artist Spice posted a photo of herself and a male getting cozy and intimate, just hours after she was accused of cheating on her main man. Read more in the article.

Dancehall Diva Spice Accused of Cheating, Hits Back At Babyfather

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artist “” who rose to fame with her collaboration on single “Ramping Shop” announced to her fans that all is still not well in her relationship with baby daddy Nicholas Lall.

Yesterday, the Jamaican singer posted a breakup note photo of herself and a male getting cozy and intimate, just hours after she was accused of cheating on her main man.

She posted an image on her Facebook page, with the following caption.

Dancehall artist Spice Hits Back At Babyfather

“@NicholasLall since as the pics bun you so much that you decide to post on your IG and FB pages. Let me help you KMFT.” – Spice via Facebook.

“@NicholasLall how dare you take pics from my phone and post them up knowing they’re pics from my ” So Mi Like It” video???? Like seriously then you say you are a MAN?”

“Whats in these pics to be so mad about? The worst thing about it is that we live together so if you don’t like something you talk to me and don’t broadcast mi # Blooodclaat business.”

“Hope you know now that # ITSOVER”

Her baby-father of two children accused Spice of committing infidelity.

In a set of photos her uploaded on Instagram, he shared his resentful thoughts with the captions.

“I have taken a lot of shit where your music is concern but this is Too Fkn Far now. I wasn’t even inform abt this scene and now you claim it’s “So mi like it video”?????KMFT Grace” – Nicholas Lall via Instagram.

“Like srsly Grace????? Y did I have to find these??? KMFT”

“You claim it’s from “So mi like it video but dis look Bloodclaaat serious # kmft @spiceofficial # Tiredathisshit”

Check out the photos Nicholas Lall posted with Spice, below.

Known to her friends and family as Grace Hamilton, Spice is on one level an astute businesswoman, yet, a raunchy deejay.

Spice entered dancehall swinging, with many comparing her to the Queen of the Dancehall – herself – an influence that the deejay always acknowledges.

With songs such as Fight Ova Man, Not My Fault, Daggering, the humorous Fluffy Vs Slim alongside Pamputae, the controversial Rampin Shop with Vybz Kartel, and Jim Screechy, Spice is slowly becoming a dancehall heavyweight.

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