Spice once again blasts a social media user for indicating that the Dancehall artist is a "bad mother." Full story inside!

has once again checked a fan on social media for making a judgemental comment about the artist.

The “Duffle Bag” deejay, who is currently on tour in Europe, recently blasted a social media user for suggesting that she was a “bad mother.”

“I only [found] out recently you got kids, how you always every where in the world, when do you find time for your kids[?]. Money is not everything just my opinion!!!,” the user wrote under a tour highlight video posted to Spice’s Instagram profile.

Shockingly, as the Jamaican artist is known for bashing naysayers, Spice took it easy on the critic while she responded.

“Money is not everything but remember without money they can’t eat, they can’t go school and they will walk named and they wouldn’t have the house to live in,” she replied.

The newly crowned “Queen of Dancehall” also used the opportunity to take a jab at her estranged baby father and ex-, Lall.

“So if a them worthless father send you over here tell him mi say if him did a help take care of them financially maybe i wouldn’t have to work so hard,” she expressed.

Peep the screenshot of Spice’s response to the Dancehall fan.

Spice Blasts Fan For Suggesting She's A Bad Mother

Last month, Spice, who has been tied up with VP Records since 2009, issued a warning to the record label for “not materializing her debut album.”

“I want my album out now, or it’s war,” she wrote on Instagram.

According to the Love and Hip Hop reality star, she has been getting the runaround for 10 years and is fed up. Spice also said she is determined to get out of her contract with VP.

VP Records has since released an official statement stating that “the label is hard at work finalizing the album and all the necessary clearances.”

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