Spice Blasts Nightly Fix Host In Heated Interview, Naro Responds

Spice slammed Nightly Fix host during a heated interview. Naro responded. See videos!

Spice Blasts Nightly Fix Host In Tense Interview

accused Nightly Fix host Naro of “Black Hypocrisy” during a candid interview at her ‘Captured’ mixtape launch party in Kingston on Wednesday.

In a footage, which was shared on her Instagram account, the artist stated that over the years she has been treated unfairly by Naro and questioned if it was due to the complexion of her skin.

“Why are you critical about me?” Spice questioned Naro in the footage.

“Is it because of my complexion?, I am asking you if its because of the colour of my skin why you more critical with me because mi nuh see you a do it with nobody else….. yuh feel like mi nuh know ’bout Nightly Fix? People are talking about it that you live on my name Nightly Fix and you downplay me and you degrade me.”

During the heated conversation, Naro attempted to explain his critical stance on the entertainer, however, it wasn’t enough for the “Gum” deejay who ended the interview abruptly.

“Anyway our conversation has expired… suh you can do me a favor? Guh s**k yuh mada,” she uttered.

Naro has since broken his silence on the contrversial incident. On Thursday, Nightly Fix uploaded a Youtube video highlighting several occasions the host has given credit to the artist on their podcast.

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