Spice hits back at Dancehall fans for trolling her makeup, complexion and body weight.

recently slammed fanatics for persistently trolling her about her makeup and weight.

The “Gum” deejay shared a candid photo of herself with her new makeup artist while she addressed her critics on Instagram.

“MUA @beforeverglam thanks again for my glam, you were amazing,” the ‘Needle Eye’ deejay expressed.

“They say i can’t find my right shade but some times the flash makes my face looks way lighter than it really is. Them say mi too black but guess what . I’m “BLACK” and “PROUD” and mi nah go bleach fi find a match fi please unu. Or maybe mi fi bleach just to prove to unu say unu still ago chat 🤔. Any way lets talk about how fat my arm is but guess what? Mi nah photo shop it dung fi please unu😛,” she continued.

Spice Hits Back At Dancehall Fans Trolling Her Makeup & Weight

Several fans have since shared the same perspective as the “Duffle Bag” deejay, complementing Spice for not bleaching her skin and her curvy physique.

“Either way you’re perfect the way you are, so mi like it,” a user commented.

“Yessss spice, BLACK & PROUD🙌🏾,” one added.

“Girl bye let’s talk bout none of that nonsense I don’t see nothing wrong with your complexion or your thickness mash up the place and say fvck em @spiceofficial 💯👸🏽💁🏽💅🏾,” another wrote.

Spice Claps Back At Fans Trolling Her Makeup, Complexion & Weight

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