Spice Hangs Out With The Crocodiles In Gambia [See Her Reaction]

Dancehall artist Spice visits a crocodile park in the Gambia, where she gets personal with the reptiles. Watch the hilarious video!

Spice Hangs Out With The Crocs In The Gambia

recently visited the Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool in Bakua, Gambia.

The artist, who landed  in the West African country on Friday, stopped by the sacred crocodile pool to take photos with the crocodiles.

Spice Gets “Dancehall Queen” Treatment In the Gambia, Fans Cry For Entertainer

Shortly after arriving in the Gambia, Spice was greeted by screaming fans outside the airport. While on her way to the hotel, the “Cool It” deejay got a presidential motorcade. She also stopped at intervals to speak with emotional fans.

On Saturday, she performed at the One Force Festival in front of thousands of Gambian Dancehall fans.

Its been reported that “every morning scores of foreign tourists visit the pool to play and have their photos taken with the reptiles who are so used to people they can be petted.” The pool, surrounded by a forest of beautiful tropical flowers and trees with different species of birds, is believed to have supernatural healing powers, according to BBC News.

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