Spice Offers Huge Cash Reward For Her Lost iPhone Filled With Unreleased Music & Memories

Dancehall Queen Spice has been left in a songwriting pickle, after losing her iPhone on a flight. Full story inside!

Spice Offered Big Bucks To Recover Lost iPhone Full Of Unreleased Music

Dancehall starlet was recently left in a panic after she lost her on a flight.

While embarking on a short tour last week Thursday, the Dancehall Queen was left panicking after she discovered she had lost her iPhone on a flight.

The main tool she says she uses to write her songs. Spice was traveling on the air carrier Airlines.

Spice Offers Huge Cash Reward For Her Lost iPhone Fill With Unreleased Music & Memories

In an Instagram post, Spice said “I Left my white iPhone on JET BLUE AIRLINE. I know a lot of staff and travelers follow me here, so please if you found an iPhone or if you can call everyone you know and ask if they found it PLEASE.”

Spice iPhone With Unreleased Dancehall Songs & Lyrics Goes Missing

The post went on to say, “I wrote all my songs in it and didn’t back up on icloud. PLEASE, I WILL PAY $10,000 RMB to anyone who returns it. PLEASE DON’T WIPE IT, IT HAS MY Memories.”

Spice has since been contacted by JetBlue in an online post. The air carrier told Spice they have located an item which matches the description of her missing phone and she can contact them to verify if it is actually her missing iPhone.

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