Dancehall artiste Spice announces that she will not be having sex for a year. Exclusive details inside!

Dancehall artiste has revealed that she will not be having sex for a year.

After her relationship with former fiance Nicholas Lall failed, the “Needle Eye” deejay thinks it is important for her to take some time off.

Spice made the announcement after she returned to the island following a series of performances overseas.

She revealed hat several men have made advances, however, she is not trying to travel the relationship route anytime soon.

“My decision to go celibate is for my own personal reasons. I just came out of a relationship and don’t intend to rush into another one. Therefore, I am going celibate for a year, and then I can decide for a year who I want a relationship with,” she told media reporters.

The “So Mi Like It” deejay also revealed that she has not indulged in sexual activities for the past three months and believes the remaining nine should be easy, especially since her work schedule is hectic.

“I am sure I can handle it because I have done a few months before. The longest I have ever gone without sex is six months,” she said.

Spice’s newly single goodies were on full display, as she recently wore a skimpy costume at the Miami Broward Carnival.

Spice At Miami Carnival 2016

She also posted a photo taken at the parade, where she showed fans her huge buttocks, while informing hopefuls that she was all about celibacy. She also ruled out masturbation for spiritual reasons.

“I don’t believe in pleasuring myself because I believe there exists spirit ghosts, and I don’t want no spirit demon in my life. So I don’t masturbate or pleasure myself at all because you invite them in your life by doing so,” she said.

Spice’s ‘Big Booty’ Photo Shocks Social Media

Spice was recently nominated in the category of Best Reggae Act for the Mobo Awards 2016.

She is the only female artiste in the category, which includes artistes like Popcaanm , and Kranium.

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