Spice: ‘I Rather Got A Fake Body Than A Fake Heart’

Spice hits back at "fake body" critics while blasting a "fake heart" associate in social media rant.

Spice Says She Rather Have A Fake Body Than A Fake Heart

recently revealed that someone close to her has significantly disappointed her.

The star disclosed that Monday, April 1, was the worst day of her life apart from her Father’s death.

“I thought about everything I’ve been through and apart from my father’s death, yesterday at 4:50pm was the worst day of my life #periodttt,” she wrote.

The Dancehall deejay and Love & Hip Hop star uploaded a series of cryptic posts to her Instagram story over an alleged betrayal.

“Not every smile is a smile,” Spice first wrote.

“Be careful how you feed them. Cause when their teeth are share enough they will turn around and bite you,” she continued in another post.

“It doesn’t matter how long they try to fake it around me. God always find a way to reveal them to me one by one.”

“I fixed mine cause I got the money to do so, you vex because you don’t have the money to fix yours #f**koutta here. I rather got a fake body than a fake heart,” she added.

Spice - I Rather Got A Fake Body Than A Fake Heart - Screenshot

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