Dancehall artist Spice slaps back hard at a fan for calling her Gucci outfit "tacky" on Instagram.

has recently trashed a user on Instagram who called her Gucci outfit “tacky” on Christmas day.

artist reportedly shut down the internet on Monday (Dec) when she uploaded making Gucci outfits with her son Nicholas and daughter Nicholatoy during the festive celebrations.

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As could be expected, however, several social media users had to add in their two cents.

“Why di blouse lif up so everybody can see di Gucci logo??, one person asked on Instagram labelling Spice’s fit as “tacky.”

The “Needle Eye” deejay wasn’t having it and had a few words to say before blocking the user.

View Spice’s response…

Spice Slams Fan For Saying Gucci Outfit In Photo With Kids Looks Tacky

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