Spice To Rename Her Fans From ‘Smurfs’ Due To Copyright Infringement

Dancehall artist Spice looks forward to changing the name for her fans from 'Smurfs' due to copyright infringement.

Spice Faces Copyright Infringement Over Naming Her Fans 'Smurfs'

reveals that she will be changing the name of her fan base due to copyright infringement.

The artist, who usually refers to her fans as the “Smurfs” or “Smurf Gang,” recently made the announcement on Instagram.

Spice’s brand continues to grow rapidly on the international market and as a result she is seemingly trying to avoid a lawsuit from Belgian comic franchise The Smurfs.

The “Cool It” deejay asked her 1.7 Million followers to assist her in finding a new name for her fans.

Spice To Change Name For Fan Base Due To Copyright Infringement

“Due to copyright infringement i will have to change “Smurf Gang” 😫😫😒 I need another name for my fans but i want to associate the name with the color “BLUE” Help me name yourself please 😫 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽,” she wrote.

Spice, who recently released her new mixtape “Captured,” is known for songs like “Fake,” “Black Hypocrisy,” and “Under Fire.”

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