Squash’s Mother Pleads For His Release From Police Custody

The mother of Dancehall artist Squash is pleading with the authorities to release her son from lock-up after spending months in custody without charges.

Dancehall Artist Squash Mother Pleads For His Release From Police Custody

, who hails from Montego Bay, has reportedly been in police lock-up for two months without any charges.

The artist, whose given name AndrÈ Whittaker, was taken into custody on August 8, and has been in custody since then, although he was brought before a tribunal on August 30.

Shelly-Ann Millwood, the mother of Jamaican entertainer, is now pleading with the police and other authorities to release her son from lock-up.

She said her son’s lawyer told her that Squash is has not been charged, but it will take two weeks for them to release him.

“My son is a free man, he is not on no charge,” she declared.

“Him out there doing him thing and likkle afta they put out him name and say him must carry in himself because he is wanted for questioning. We get a lawyer, the lawyer take him in, and the lawyer talk to dem and dem say him free to go,” she explained.

Squash’s latest detention comes after he spent more than four months earlier this year in lock-up at the Freeport Police Station in Montego Bay under the state of emergency, before he was released in June without charge.

The detained artist’s mother said a couple of days later, the police came to her home looking for him, but he was performing at Dream Weekend on August 6.

However, following his initial release the 27-year-old entertainer was picked up just two days later in St Ann and brought to the Freeport lock-up, where he has since remained.

Millwood is convinced of her son’s innocence.

“The man no involve inna crime. Squash is not a man of war, if yuh bring war to that man, that man walk away from yuh and gone,” she said.

She stated that the situation has become increasingly difficult her musical son is the sole breadwinner of the family and has been forced to miss over 14 contractual agreements since being locked up.

She disclosed that monies for several of these shows had to be returned, while countless others remain in limbo including a performance in Dubai.

“A over 14 shows mi count with him miss, right now him have shows in Ochi, Taboo, [and] him have show overseas a Dubai,” Millwood revealed.

Millwood said that the pressure of seeing her son spending extended periods of time in lock-up is becoming hard to bear.

“A true mi strong and believe inna mi self and believe inna mi son else mi mad. Right now mi nuh care cause enough is enough,” she said.

Squash is known for songs like “Lavish” and “School Days.”

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