UK-born Jamaican rapper VinDon releases his highly-anticipated EP "2020," featuring songs like Toppatop, Circle The World and What She Wants.

With the release of his new EP “2020”, UK-born Jamaican rapper continues his endeavor to make an indelible mark in the music industry with his versatility, hard-hitting punchlines and charisma.

The 7-track set features “Toppatop,” “Circle The World,” “Boss Level,” “The Professional,” “What She Wants”, “Reality” and “Reign.”

The project was produced by VinDon as Vin!gma, and fellow talented Jamaican producers SOS Dynamikz and BNJMN (Benjamin).

“2020” is a “futuristic approach” following his previous sets including “The Difference Vol.1,” “Waiting to Wake Up,” “Demigod” and “Seeing Colours EP.”

Download VinDon New EP"2020"

VinDon — whose real name is Vinton Hulcome — was born on November 16th 1990 in Nottingham, England to legend Ninja Man and the only child for his mother. At the tender age of 3, he moved to Jamaica where he was raised by his Grandmother in Mandeville, Manchester.

His passion for music was evident in his early years of primary school where he penned his first lyrics at the age of 9. His mother, an avid music lover, exposed him to all genres of music but he gravitated to Hip Hop in his early years. His influences range from Eminem, Biggie, Outkast, Jay Z, and Jamaican artistes such as , and .

In his early high school years, VinDon’s ability grew to an obsession, where songs would fill the back pages of his notebooks even though his talent was still undiscovered by the masses, until he and a few friends formed a rap group, then known as K.G.B, which quickly gained popularity by freestyle sessions they would have in the hallways and classrooms of Manchester High. With countless recordings and local performances, the group is now popularly known as BLU ROK.

The 25-year-old rapper aims to generate a fresh new sound infusing his Hip Hop influence with his Jamaican culture, and direct a clear message to the world that as a Jamaican with an undeniable hunger for success, VinDon is a force to be reckoned with!

Stream “2020” EP by VinDon.

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