Tami Chynn shares the most important lesson she has learned from motherhood.

says adaptability is the most important lesson she has learned from motherhood.

The Jamaican singer, who is the wife to musician Wayne Marshall, told Woman Winning Now that she would like for her kids to learn how to by adoptable.

“Things may change, they might not work out the way you want and you have to be able to change course, change direction. Keep going,” she said.

Tami previously disclosed that she is a strict mother.

“I’m pretty strict you know. A lot of people can’t imagine that, but if you know me good, you know I am (laughs). Wayne is the soft one. I like discipline a lot. I don’t want it to be in a way that it cowers my children down, but I do believe that it is important to have them understand that there are consequences for their actions. And Wayne is a great father too, trust me. I got lucky,” she told the STAR.

When asked where she is in music, Tami said she trying something else for a change but not done with music.

“Well, for now I’m just trying something else for a change. I can’t be done with music, I’m just not doing it right now, but I sing every day. I sing lullabies every night and my kids love it (laughs). I have a captive audience.

Sooo, how many kids does Tami want and what is she doing now? I’ll tell you next week. Until then, keep it real,” she said.

Tami and Marshall have been married for 8 years.

The couple has three sons; Jaxen, Atlas and Giomar (from Marshall’s previous relationship).

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