Anthony B denies allegations that he had uttered an expletive to Tarrus Riley at Rebel Salute 2017.

artiste accused of relaying a filthy message to him to while backstage at Rebul Salute.

The drama ensued at night one of this year’s staging of Tony Rebel’s highly popular Rasta themed festival, Rebel Salute, held at Priory, St. Ann on Saturday morning, January 14.

Tarrus Riley took to the stage during Fanton Mojah’s performance, where he took the mic and proceeded to rant about being disrespected by another artiste.

Riley then proceeded to sing an array of songs then he left the stage and ultimately the venue.

The disrespect Tarrus was ranting about, he says, was fellow artiste Anthony B had reportedly sent a message to an associate stating that the “She’s Royal” singer should perform oral sex on his mother.

“Suck your mother,” Anthony B allegedly said, according to Tarrus Riley.

The offensive message was allegedly sent because Riley and Anthony B had an issues about who should perform first at Rebel Salute.

Tarrus took to Instagram to expand on his side of the story.

“Mi leave mi yard 1 o clock to perform at Rebel Salute at 4 o clock… I said I was gonna watch the show, hold a vibe and then perform… The show was running late so we had some extra time and we gwaan wait… Anyways, when the time passed we had to leave because we had other engagements.”

Anthony B appeared in a video afterwards stating that nothing Riley may have heard came from him and he isn’t a person that intends to be in “any form of mix up.”

Anthony B also appeared in a video from the OnStage YouTube page. When asked by host Winford Williams what the issue between him and Tarrus, Anthony B stated:

“It was a misunderstanding.”

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