Tessanne Chin and Tami Chynn, along with sister Terrie Chin, are bringing a new style of hair salon to Jamaica, tend to end bad hair days.

musical sisters and , along with sister , are bringing a new style of hair salon to , tend to end bad hair days forever.

The sisters are planning to open Blow by Blow, the country’s first blow dry bar.

The blow dry bar will be located in the Loshuan Plaza in Barbican

Blow by Blow will offer a quick fix to Jamaican ladies ensuring that no one suffers from another incurable bad hair day.

Tessanne, Tami and Terrie open Blow by Blow Dry Bar


Fashion magazine Marie Claire referenced the development of this style of salon in a 2011 article Trend Alert: Blowdry Bars.

“The perception of having bad hair was found in a study to affect “overall performance and self-esteem to a dagree that participants felt they were less able to accomplish what they needed to do, and they felt less comfortable socially,” according to Yale psychology professor Marianne LaFrance, Ph.D.

A blow dry bar is a type of hair-dressing salon that offers only wash and blow-dry service at affordable prices. No cuts or colouring service are offer.

Blow-dry-only salons have been a trend for a while in the United States.

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