Tifa Dropped From JDF Soldier While Performing In Montego Bay

Tifa had a great fall while performing for Jamaica military in Montego Bay. Watch the video and try not to laugh!

Tifa Dropped By JDF Soldier While Performing In Montego Bay

’s performance for Jamaica military in Montego Bay on Thursday night will be a memorable one.

A video clip of the artist has gone viral on social media showing the moment when she fell from the hands of a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier.

Tifa was performing her smash single “Big Bumper” which is featured on Birchill Music-produced “Moscato Riddim” during her set.

“You ready?,” Tifa asked before jumping on the officer.

Fortunately, Tiifa, whose given name is LaTifa Brown, was reportedly not injured. The Jamaican entertainer took to Instagram on Friday to share the fooyage.

“Guess the soldier weak 😂😂 That will teach my ass to stop jumping up on these men on stage 😂😂😂 #funtimes,” she wrote.

Tifa released her debut album, “Curry Goat & Champagne,” in August. She revealed that she was considering leaving the music business behind forever after a rough year.

“Two thousand and seventeen was the darkest part of my career. There were so many negative things happening: lock up inna Supreme Court wid big case; big lawyer; bag a money a spend. Everything negative happening to me was because of the music. That was the whole purpose of me doing an album. Last year, I announced that I would be retiring, but if I should go, at least I know that I left a piece of me,” she told close friends and music industry players at private listening session for her album.

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