Tifa's newly-released mixtape 'Stay Away,' has generated major buzz on social. Stream it now!

Tifa Drops 'Stay Away' New Mixtape

Artist Drops New Mixtape ‘Stay Away’

Tifa’s newly-released mixtape ‘Stay Away,’ has generated major buzz on social over the weekend after it was leaked to several prominent entertainment personnel.

The project, which has a parental advisory sticker due to its explicit content, was mixed and assembled by prolific producer ZJ Chrome.

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In a media release, Tifa explained her decision to release the mixtape at this time.

“There is no right timing really! I started it, it’s finished so I’m letting the world have it. There will definitely be tongues wagging! Not everyone will be happy about what I had to say! People will view me differently after this! Things will never be the same. But change is inevitable,” she explained.

Described as 53 minutes of lyrical fire, the mixtape showcases Tifa’s prowess and vocal charisma riding hot riddims while lacing her detractors with hard hitting lyrics whom she chose to ignore for some time now.

“At some point when u hold everything in for too long you are bound to snap! I’ve been taking the ignore it and move on approach for personal and business reasons. But sometimes you just have to remind people who you are and what you are capable of and I’m not one to be played with neither on a personal level nor as an artiste! This mixtape will definitely show you and remind people of my versatility and why I continue to be relevant in this music business,” she said.

“It should be taken as me finally giving my side of the story! Me speaking my truth and a reminder/warning to people of who they are really dealing with,” she added.

When asked if specific names were called in the mix tape, Tifa said, “It was craftily done in such a way where you will definitely know who I’m talking about even if I didn’t call names. And it isn’t only a response to people from the music industry, but even personal things as well.”

Hype Life Magazine understands that she did not do the mixtape with the intention of starting an ongoing lyrical feud with anyone, noting that’s not her style.

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