Dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta claims that he still respects Bounty Killer despite their difference. He also acknowledges that he doesn't believe in religion.


In a recent interview, artist claims that he still respects despite their difference.

“Bounty dont build me, he can not destroy me, yuh zimi … So at the end of the day, mi respect him as a elder same way,” Tommy Lee said to Winford Williams of CVM’s Entertainment Report.

The young entertainer also acknowledges that he doesn’t believe in .

“Mi a demon and mi proud to be demon … Nothing name demon still enuh, mi nuh believe inna demon enuh, yuh zeet … Mi nuh believe inna religion and them thing deh, mi just live my life happy … Mi know a heaven mi a go enuh cause mi nuh pick up nothing on my head enuh and mi nuh sell mi soul to nobody, mi keep it, yuh know them way deh?” Tommy Lee added.

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