Rumors surfaced that Tommy Lee Sparta was beaten in police custody. Full story inside!

Was Sparta beaten amid police custody?

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced on social media claiming that the artist was brutally beaten behind bars and he is in fear of his life.

However, a source close to “Badness It Name” deejay told Hype Life Magazine that the rumors are completely  false.

good man, him never get any beat up or anything like that, he is in good health,” the source revealed.

“The police force clearly has a vendetta against him and every year it’s the same thing they arrest him and don’t charge him because they have nothing on him,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Tommy Lee Sparta, who has been behind bars for a week, should be released or charge by Tuesday.

He was detained by police at an ATM in Kingston after his performance at the Magnum Kings And Queens competition. The “Uncle Demon” deejay was taken in custody at the Half-Way-Tree Police Station by C-TOC officers on last Saturday night. After his arrest, he was later transferred to St James.

Tommy Lee Sparta Arrested And Questioned For Montego Bay Organized Crime

While in police custody, an embarrassing photo of Tommy Lee Sparta in jail in his boxers surfaced online last week.

His legal team is furious with law enforcement officers over the leaked photo.

It is not known where the photo was taken.

Tommy Lee Sparta Stripped By Police Ater Arrest

Tommy Lee Sparta has been previously arrested a handful of times since 2014 and currently has lottery scamming charges against him. Law enforcement is now labeling him a “serious gangster,” who is responsible for organized crime in Montego Bay.

However, the “Spartan Soldier” deejay told reporters that he doesn’t even live in Montego Bay anymore so he has nothing to do with the rampant crime.

In 2015, the artiste told reporters that his past association with several other controversial entertainers has been creating problems in his music career.

“Due to my past relationship with some controversial artists and them having their issues, I’ve been stereotyped and misrepresented with the view of me being a person of interest to the authorities,” he said.

“Popular entertainers throughout the world, such as platinum-selling rappers from the US, sing a lot of hardcore lyrics and have fans of gangs. However, they are not affiliated with the gangs. Those gang members are just fans of the artiste. I am a dancehall artiste and I have no control over my fans actions,” Tommy Lee Sparta added.

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