Tommy Lee Sparta is preparing to release a new EP, "Diamond Blessings," featuring "Savage Life," "Not A Badness," "Darkness Rise" and more.

is preparing to release a new EP titled “Diamond Blessings.”

The  artist’s upcoming project is 9 track compilation which includes songs such as “Savage Life,” “Not A Badness,” “Darkness Rise” and “Real Link,” featuring Masicka.

“Diamond Blessings,” which is produced by Tommy Lee Sparta of Guzu Musiq and Dwayne Parkinson of Damage Musiq, is scheduled for pre-order on May 26 and release on June 2.

“Savage Life” has received positive reviews from music critics, for its songwriting, Russell’s singing voice and instrumental.

A source close to the “Blood Bath” deejay told Hype Life Magazine that the song is doing well commercially.

“Savage Life one of the hottest and most talked about song right now in dancehall,” the source revealed.

“Not A Badness,” a hardcore lyrical explosion, has been regarded as the “gun tune of the year” in Jamaica.

Tommy Lee Sparta, whose real name is Leroy Russell, has been a controversial figure in Dancehall due to his self-described “Gothic Dancehall” style, which often features dark and Satanist-inspired subject matter.

He is also a former member of the -led Portmore Empire.

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