Tommy Lee Sparta Gets Cozy With Baby Mama On Instagram Video

Fans erupted after Tommy Lee Sparta posted a video of himself and baby mama sharing a kiss.

Tommy Lee Sparta Kisses Baby Mama On Instagram

is in love, and he wants the world to know!

The Gothic artist recently showed a softer side when he uploaded a video of himself and his baby mama to celebrate his birthday via Instagram.

In the video clip, Sparta is heard saying “10 push, 10 push up,”  before planting a kiss on his lover’s lips.

While many fans have sent their best wishes to the deejay, some were not in favor of his mushy video.

“Me blc mi hurt…. mi chest plate tpc… right unda mi nose… Yyyyyy Lee yyyyyy? 😭😭😭,” one user expressed.

“Then this real ??? 😭😭😭 But uu prime like news eeee ! Ina mi eye ?? Wi afi guh share him ma !,” another wrote.

“Suh much girl yah gi bun …. jus open a bakery,” added another.

Tommy Lee Sparta revealed that he fathered his first child at the age of 14. He now has seven children.

The Jamaican artist, whose given name is Leroy Russell, said that he dropped out of school at grade 10 in order to help take care of the two children he had fathered at that point.

Interestingly, Tommy Lee Sparta became a father when he was in first form at Anchovy High School, having impregnated a Grade 11 student.

“Me get yute from early, from me about 14. Me get me first yute from me inna seven grade,” Tommy Lee Sparta disclosed.

Tommy Lee Sparta said that he was forced to take responsibility.

“It nuh good fi get yute from early. It depends still, but me nuh regret it,” he said.

The “Not A Badness” deejay said his mother allowed his pregnant girlfriend to move into their household to prevent her young son from straying further.

He also revealed that he used to work on construction sites and “hustled the streets” for income in addition to fishing and climbing ackee and breadfruit trees for food.

“You know ackee grow my kids dem when dem younger. Mi nuh ramp fi feed dem ackee. Ackee tree a bawl a daytime,” the entertainer joked.

“We live pon the sea so we can get fish, enuh. Shrimp, conch, everything deh deh. It hard fi yu suffer deh so,” he said of Flankers.

Overall, he said he grew up in a good family.

“Mi just come out hardcore, alone. One brother is a solider, another sister is a Christian, one brother is a manager at a hotel,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.

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