Dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta has recorded an EDM (electronic dance music) track "Mellow Me Out" with Philadelphia's G1fted Music.

artist has recorded an EDM (electronic dance music) track “Mellow Me Out” with Philadelphia’s G1fted Music.

“Mellow Me Out” is slated for a summer release.

Tommy Lee Sparta records Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

On Wednesday, after shooting the “Mellow Me Out” video, they returned to Kingston to record the new EDM-flavoured dancehall song.

“Yea, man, mi like dem vibe. They journeyed to Westmoreland with me fi a stage show. We stayed over in Montego Bay, and then the following day I made an appearance in a music video they are shooting for their single, Mellow Me Out. The vibe was crazy,” Sparta told media reporters.

“We are trying to bring that EDM fusion to reggae/dancehall. Who doesn’t love and reggae music? We are trying to tap into that energy, that feeling of togetherness, that vibe that makes reggae great and blend it with our own style of EDM,” said Peter Palestina, owner of G1fted Music Productions.

“We are at the forefront of a new wave, a different style of mixing EDM music in Philly, and we want to combine that the with the originality of reggae-dancehall and make great music,” he continued.

Palestina said he loved working with the Tommy Lee Sparta.

“He has an incredible voice and presence. The video is going to be crazy,” he said.

G1fted Music has worked with several heavy hitters in entertainment business including Neyo, Mike Zombie, Bob Brockmann, and Omelly ( DreamChasers). He just completed three collaborations with Donovan Knowles for the artistes Beyonce, Ginuwine and Matchbox 20.

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