Tommy Lee Sparta took a jab at Jah Cure over Reggae singer's controversy with Jamaican sound system selectors.

took a jab at over the “Never Find” singer’s controversy with Jamaican sound system selectors.

On Saturday (June 16), the artist sent out a message for / selectors via social media.

“Yo from when mi wan tell some sound boy dis eno,” Sparta said.

“Unu know seh unu is a bumbocl***t good yute…. a dat mi wan tell unu seh unu a good yute,” he continued while laughing.

Tommy Lee Sparta’s video comes days after Jah Cure angered the music fraternity when he disrespected selectors who he referred to as “sound boys” in a series of videos uploaded on social media.

“A matter of fact, sound bwoy s**k unu muma!,” the ‘Unconditional Love’ singer said in a video posted to his Instagram story.

“Me name Jah Cure mi rich more…. than three-quarter a unu friend dem inna the industry. P***y mi nuh need dubplate money fi live.”

In another upload, Jah Cure chimed in saying, “Sound clash fraternity have the most waste man. Unu cheap and cyaan even afford artiste, unu talk bout boycott. P***y Mi rich, mi nuh need unu. Memba mi tell yuh, all ah unu who mek video, mi respect unu fi it. Mi ah guh si how long unu ah guh escape without beating. How dem cheap sound bwoy ah disrespect ’bout boycott? Mi nuh need unu.”

The reggae singer issued an apology and then retracted it when disc jockeys started chastising him for his statement.

“To the Djs and fans that have supported me over the years I apologize for the language, unwarranted accusations and the things said,” Cure added in his statement.

“I realise it was over the top and unnecessary…. I took the actions and words of a few and shifted it to many.”

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