Tommy Lee Sparta Finally Visits Vybz Kartel In Prison

For the first time, Tommy Lee Sparta visits Vybz Kartel in prison, where they spoke about the state of the music and catch up on old times.

Tommy Lee Sparta Visits Vybz Kartel In Prison For First Time

has finally received a visit from his former protege .

The “Uncle Demon” deejay reportedly went to see his former mentor at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, formerly known as General Penitentiary on Tuesday (Jan 23).

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Confirmation of Tommy Lee Sparta’s first visit was made by his Kartel-associated, recording artist Sikka Rhymes.

Rhymes, who is seemingly responsible for a slew of artists getting a chance to visit the Kartel such as Sean Kingston and Ishawna, broke the news via social media.

“Me and Tommy Lee Sparta] went to visit the [Vybz Kartel today,” he wrote on Instagram.

Tommy Lee Sparta Finally Visits Vybz Kartel In Prison

This marks the first time that Tommy Lee Sparta is visiting Vybz Kartel in prison since his incarceration in 2011. The Montego Bay-based artist has yet to comment (publicly) on the visit.

Meanwhile, the grapevine has it that that “Sean Kingston was the middleman who asked Kartel to make peace with Tommy Lee Sparta and then Rymes organized the visit, which was was in the works since December 2017.”

“It’s something that’s been in the pipeline for a few weeks now because that’s how the system work, you have to book a visit way in advance, you can’t just show and expect to see someone,” a rep for the deejay told reporters.

“Tommy Lee and Vybz Kartel have a long history, they have been very close friends for years so a lot of what has been reported in the media doesn’t accurately reflect their true relationship. Tommy has a lot of respect for Kartel who first brought him to the forefront of music.”

 It is said that the pair spoke about the state of the music and catch up on old times.

“They just sat down and chop it up like old times,” the source revealed.

In an interview last September, Tommy Lee Sparta spoke about his legal troubles and how his association with Vybz Kartel has caused him problems in his career.

“I feel like they put something on my name,” he said.

“Every time I try to travel, they treat me different, like I am some bomber. When they run my passport, Vybz Kartel business comee up and everything. They are acting like I am involved in certain things and pure red lines come up on my documents at the airports,” he added.

Tommy Lee Sparta recently praised Vybz Kartel while lashing out at their rival during a live performance at Ghetto Splash, last month.

Vybz Kartel, who recently celebrated his 42nd birthday, is said to be in high spirit ahead of his appeal case scheduled for Monday (July 9).

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