Tommy Lee Sparta is set to receive a substantial cash settlement from the Dominican government.

artist will be receiving a large sum of cash after winning a settlement against the Dominican government.

The Jamaican deejay has reportedly been offered a significant cash settlement by the Dominican government following his 2014 arrest and subsequent deportation from the country.

Tommy Lee Sparta, whose real name is Leroy Russell, filed a lawsuit against the against the government of Dominica contesting his “unfair” deportation from the country by immigration officials, which prevented from him from fulfilling a scheduled performance.

He was denied entry into the country after flying on a private jet to the country for a concert. The Flankers, Montego Bay based artiste filed complaints of being treated inhumanly. He states he was forced to sleep on a cold concrete floor overnight while being detained.

Tommy Lee Sparta also had an entourage present which included his manager, Heavy D.

On arriving back in Jamaica, he filed a lawsuit against the Dominican government as he believed his ill-treatment went against the conduct expected of Caribbean nations stipulated in CARICOM’s Treaty of Chaguramas.

Bert Samuels, Tommy Lee Sparta’s attorney, stated and confirmed that the Dominican government has made an offer but they’re still in negotiations to reach a final figure.

While being interviewed by popular radio host Mutabaruka, Tommy Lee Sparta disclosed that he would be receiving “a lot” of money after the settlement negotiations have concluded.

“Me a get a lot a cash, man, everybody who pressure me will have to pay me,” Tommy Lee Sparta stated.

However, Tommy Lee Sparta refused to disclose the exact figure of the settlement was, despite his interviewer implying that it was approximately US $3 million.

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