Photo Of Tommy Lee Sparta Wearing Only Underwear In A Cell Leaked Online Amidst Police Custody

An embarrassing photo of Tommy Lee Sparta sporting underpants in a cell has gone viral after the artist was detained by Kingston police.

Leaked Embarrassing Photo Of Tommy Lee Sparta Wearing Only Underwear

An embarrassing photo of in jail in his boxers has recently surfaced online earlier this week.

The artist’s legal team is furious with law enforcement officers over the leak of a photograph of their client in custody.

Tommy Lee Sparta Stripped By Police Ater Arrest

The photo went viral on social media just hours after the popular entertainer was detained by police at an ATM in Kingston following his performance at this Magnum Kings And Queens competition.

The “Panic” deejay can be seen handcuffed wearing only a white underpants with a black handkerchief around his neck.

In the viral photo, the deejay appeared to be crying.

“I was made aware of that photo, and I find it very unprofessional, and we do intend to write to the relevant authorities, in particular the commissioner of police, to ascertain why is it that this is being done while somebody is a guest of the State or in custody,” said attorney-at-law Donahue Martin.

“It had to have been taken by a member… of the police force, and I find it, as I said, extremely unprofessional,” he added.

After his arrest, he was later transferred to St James.

It is not known where the photo was taken. However, Martin said perhaps further details will be known after the commissioner receives the letter.

The “Uncle Demon” deejay was taken in custody at the Half-Way-Tree Police Station by C-TOC officers on Saturday night.

This is the fifth time Sparta has been taken into custody in the past two years.

Sparta along with three others, were charged jointly in February 2014 with suspected breaches of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transaction) (Special Provisions) Act, 2013.

The trial was scheduled to begin last October.

In June 2017, he was questioned and subsequently released by members of the Elleston Road Police Station about a shooting in the division.

In January that same year, former head of the St James Police division, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth listed the artiste as a person of interest in relation to crime in sections of Flanker in St James.

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