Tony Matterhorn denies rumors that claim Beenie Man was involved in the death of legendary dancer Bogle.

has discredited rumors that claim was involved in the death of legendary dancer .

The selector took to social media last week to blast , who recently did a candid interview claiming that Beenie Man paid hitmen $100,000 JMD to have the iconic dancer killed.

There are no truths to these allegations, according to Matterhorn.

“Labba Labba is a little b*tch who looks like he is on coke and like he wants a little fix and just a tell some lies,” he stated on Instagram Live.

Jamaican Dancer Bogle aka Mr. Wacky

Tony Matterhorn did not disclose any information that he might have. However, he was clearly not in support of the incriminating claims made against the “King of the Dancehall” deejay.

Beenie Man has since denied the claims, adding that “there is no evidence linking to him to Bogle’s murder” and that Labba Labba’s is a “nobody, who was paid to sabotage” his recent show Summa Sizzle.

In 2005, Bogle was reportedly shot and killed at a gas station by unknown assailants. His death remains unsolved to this day.

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