Usain Bolt, who has been dating a Jamaican beauty for two years, says he does not want to marry before he is 35. Exclusive details inside!

Six Olympic and 11 World Championship gold medalist has opened up on the topics of marriage and family.

The Jamaican superstar revealed that he has a girlfriend named , whom he has been dating for two years.

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However, Usain Bolt says he does not want to marry before he is 35.

Kasi, who is said to be a fitness freak, will have to wait a few more years to get fully hitched with her super fast boyfriend.

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“I want to keep it small for now, because I know when it gets out there’s going to be a lot of things to say, and I told her she can’t handle it,” Usain Bolt told British media, The Telegraph.

“I’ve been through the media. Those guys really opened my eyes. Every culture is different. Jamaican culture is different, when you look at women and men having more than one… It’s different. I’ve noticed that in Britain, every famous person, as soon as they get famous, they have to get married – like, it’s a rule. And I’m like, that’s not fair!”

Usain Bolt And His Girlfriend Kasi 2016

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To elaborate, Bolt used English professional footballer Wayne Rooney as an example.

“Like, Rooney got married so young – all the footballers that are English, as soon as they get really famous they have to get married. And I think it’s unfair to them,” said the 29-year-old sprinter.

“You get famous, there’s so much pressure of girls wanting you. And for you to get married at 21, you have not lived one bit. It’s hard for you to stay with one woman because girls are literally just throwing themselves at you; and then you have the girls that the tabloids encourage pretty much to try to get with you. And that’s unfair to us guys – it’s hard to say no, you know what I mean? So I’ve learnt from you guys.”

Bolt explains that his culture is entirely different and he is not necessarily expected to have a family because he is famous.

“That’s the expectation. If you’re famous, you need to have a family – that’s what they need to sell in Britain, I don’t know why. It’s respectability.

But I’m not English! I’m Jamaican! We have a totally different culture, so you can’t judge me based on your culture,” he said.

As it relates to the Jamaican culture, Bolt says it takes quality time to settle and have a family.

“We’re laid-back. We dance, we live our lives, we have our fun. And then when we get older, then it’s time to settle down and have a family,” said Bolt.

“I want to get married. Because my parents are married. I’ve thought about it, but I know I’m not going to get married before 35, for sure,” he added.

Usain Bolt was born on 21 August 1986 in Sherwood, Jamaica. His parents ran a general store in the village.

He has an older half-sister, Sherine, and younger half-brother, Sadiki.

An average pupil, his main interests were in cricket and football. He later won a scholarship to IAAF High Performance Training Centre in Jamaica.

Aged 15, Bolt made his debut at the World Junior Championships in Kingston, Jamaica, where he won the 200m.

In Berlin in 2009, Bolt became the world record holder in both the 100 and 200m with a time of 9.58 and 19.19 seconds respectively.

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