Usain Bolt's girlfriend Kasi Bennett reacts to criticism after the retired sprinter was caught sliding in married woman's DM.

is ignoring online trolls and is standing by her boyfriend following his recent Direct Message scandal.

The retired Jamaican sprint legend has come under fire by social media users after he was caught sliding in the DM of a Saint Lucian make-up artist via Instagram on Thursday night.

The married woman exposed Usain Bolt by sharing a screenshot just minutes after he sent her a message.

The eight-time Olympic champion only sent a pair of eye emojis ‘👀,’ but it was enough to send social media users into an instant frenzy.

“She’s married what the hell is he doing in her DMs? Bolt has absolutely no respect for his relationship with Kasi or anyone else,” one user wrote on social media.

“Bolt really need to calm him ugly self down eno,” another added.

Kasi Bennett, who is ignoring the critics and proving her relationship with her man is stronger than ever, uploaded a cozy photo with Usain Bolt to her Instagram story on Saturday. The photograph shows the lovebirds kissing on a beach in Saint Barthelemy.

Kasi Bennett Reacts After Usain Bolt’s DM Scandal

“#Mood,” she wrote along with the heart eyes and smirking face emoji.

Bennett recently opened up about how she handles “bad publicity” around her love life with Bolt during a cameo in upcoming Jamaican reality TV series DI Island Girls.

“Everybody has their own option however you just have to know who you are dating,” she expressed.

She explained that persons might think they know Bolt through the media but “[she] knows the real person.”

“He [Bolt] is a fellow Jamaica, he is loved so you know yeah,” she added.

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