Usain Bolt talks getting serious with girlfriend Kasi Bennett, getting married and having children!

The fastest man in the world says he’s finally ready to slow down.

After picking up his ninth Olympic gold medal in Rio, completing an unprecedented feat by winning the 100-meter, 200-meter and 4×100-meter relay at three consecutive Olympic Games, has announced he will retire after next year.

The 30-year-old Jamaican tells People magazine that after hanging up his track spikes, he’ll devote his time to a sports medicine clinic he’s opening for budding runners in Jamaica and to his “serious girlfriend” .

“She’s happy, I’m happy!” Bolt says of his relationship with the 26-year-old.

“We just got really serious, we are taking it one step at a time.”

Usain Bolt Says He 'Just Got Really Serious' with Girlfriend Kasi Bennett

The couple, who recently vacationed in Bora Bora together, has been dating for a few years, but Bolt says he isn’t thinking about marriage or children just quite yet.

“In time it will come,” he says.

“Now I’m thinking about my career and getting everything right for the future.”

Bolt says he wants to have a family but with the right person.

“I definitely want a family, though. For me, over the years, I’ve waited because I want to make sure it’s the right person.”

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Bolt hopes to follow in the footsteps of his parents, Wellesley and Jennifer, who spent a decade together before tying the knot.

“I want to be like that, I want to have what my parents have,” he says. “I want to take my time to make sure everything is perfect.”

But when the sprint superstar is ready to start a family, he knows exactly how many kids he wants and how he’ll raise them.

“I’ve always said I want three kids. The other day I hung out with my buddy who has three kids and it was crazy,” he says.

“I was like ‘Hmmmm do I really want 3 kids?’ But yes, yes I do. I’m sure of it.”

Usain Bolt Girlfriend Might Be Pregnant

Bolt admits his own “hellish” experiences training for the Olympics would deter him from pushing any future children into the sport.

“I wouldn’t want my kids to go into track and field. It’s really tough. If you’re not mentally and physically prepared to go through hell it’s not something you should do,” he explains.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time with this sport, but it was very demanding and it takes a lot of time and pressure and the mental part is rough.”

“I would never push my kids into running. If they want to do it, sure, but I would never say ‘Hey go try track and field!’ You know?”

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