Usain Bolt's girlfriend has reacted to his night of passion with a Brazilian student, and near-constant wild nights out with a bevy of beauties since finishing the Olympics.

Leaked photos of — seemingly cheating on his girlfriend with multiple women — surfaced online and social media users went into a frenzy.

In case you missed it, Usain was pictured in bed with 20-year-old Brazilian student Jady Duarte after his 30th birthday party in Rio.

This was followed by photos showing the sprinter dancing with and allegedly kissing another girl in Brazil, and out with a group of women in London.

Photos: Usain Bolt In Bed With Brazilian Girl After Olympic Party

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Usain Bolt kisses ANOTHER mystery brunette in Rio nightclub Usain Bolt parties with Sexy women in London 2016

Instead of freaking out, Bolt’s ‘First Lady’, has kept her cool throughout the entire situation.

With the exception of a couple tweets, Bennett seems to have decided to deal with the matter in private.

But, as a few people have noticed, her likes on Twitter paint a pretty good picture of how she’s feeling about the whole situation.

Bennett has liked multiple tweets from people offering their support, occasionally at Bolt’s expense.

“You traded your life with a #goddess @kasi__b for a one night fling with someone who will never even come close. I can’t,” one person wrote, tagging the runner on Twitter.

Bennett allegedly also liked a meme on Instagram, featuring side by side photos of her and one of the women Bolt supposedly had an affair with, Jady Duarte.

The caption read: “When you girl is Selfridges, and you cheat on her with Primark.”

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Meanwhile, the superstar athlete’s sister Christine, 32, said the two are solid and will stay together despite everything that’s happened.

“I’m sure Kasi will be used to it by now,” she said. “She is used to seeing pictures like this”

“People ask for pictures with him and he is always willing to have pictures. She is used to him being in the public domain.”

She added that “Usain doesn’t believe in cheating.”

Usain Bolt Set To Marry Girlfriend, Says Sister

For the most part, however, Bennett — who truly deserves all the praise for how she’s handled this unexpected, sudden spotlight — seems to be getting on with her life as usual.

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