Usain Bolt & His Girlfriend Kasi Party Hard In St. Barts

Usain Bolt, his bae Kasi Bennett and girlfriends party hard in St. Barts. Watch the videos!

and his girlfriend jetted to the French-speaking island, Saint Barthélemy for the celebration of ’s 30th birthday.

The couple was spotted partying up a storm with the retired sprinter’s A-Team on Friday night.

Usain Bolt And Girlfriend Kasi Bennett Celebrate In Saint Barthelemy

Sources told Hype Life Magazine that Usain Bolt was seen smoking, drinking and dancing along with his crew at Ociela and Casa in Gustavia.

Kasi Bennett took to social media to share her experience, from getting ready in a leopard print romper with black stiletto heels before getting animated with her man and close friends at the party. In the clips, Bolt can be seen sporting a white, black and blue outfit.

On Saturday, the celebration continued, with the team having a din at Shellona before rolling out to Shell Beach.

Bolt wore a colorful beach shirt and short while Kasi rocked an orange swimsuit.

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