Lies, lies and more lies. Usain Bolt has not broken any bone despite a new rumor which claims that he has, Hype Life Magazine has confirmed. Details inside!

Coming off the heels of winning his tenth gold medal just this summer, Usain has had both of his legs broken and police seem to think it has something to do with a $1.2 million dollar gambling debt, according to a new rumor, which has surfaced over the weekend.

Several popular blogs have reported the story that Bolt has gotten his legs broken. However, a rep from the Jamaican sprinter’s camp has confirmed to Hype Life Magazine, exclusively, that the claim is indeed false.

“This lame rumor has surfaced during the summer and has since been going around on social media. Fortunately, is alive and well, hence it is a false story.” the rep said.

The deceitful story claims that Bolt is recovering in a Jamaican hospital, where he is heavily-guarded.

Further, the story claims that Bolt’s manager is Jeremy Jacks.

Jacks reportedly told reporters that… “Funny he can outrun world class sprinters, but can’t jog his way out of ruining his fucking career.”

“We need to protect our investment until he pays us back. He’s no good to us dead,” quoted Jack via the story added.

For the facts, Usain Bolt’s Executive manager is Nugent ‘NJ’ Walker.

They have been by each other since they first met at school when they were six years old.

They became close friends while studying at William Knibb High School and throughout his career NJ is the person Usain relies on to help him make the right decisions.

In 2010 Bolt appointed NJ as his executive manager to manage his business and personal affairs, working closely with the coach, agents and staff to ensure everyone in Team Bolt is pulling in the same direction.

Usain Bolt has not broken any bone despite the rumor which claims that he has.

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