Usain Bolt has signed an agreement to become XM's official brand ambassador for the next 3 years!

On November 4th, XM, one of the fastest growing Forex and CFD Brokers, has announced a partnership with the World’s Fastest Man, 9-Time Olympic Champion and 11 Times World Champion, .

Usain Bolt, widely recognized under the nickname Lightning Bolt, has signed an agreement to become XM’s official brand ambassador for the next 3 years.

During the announcement, Usain Bolt commented:

“I’m happy to enter into a partnership with award-winning Forex and CFD broker XM.  XM and I have similar brand values and aim to be the best at what we do. Their reputation has helped them to become an industry leader,” said Usain Bolt.

“Similar to XM, my focus has always been to be the fastest,” he added.

Usain Bolt becomes XM's Official Ambassador

During the announcement, Chris Anthony Zacharia, Marketing Director of XM Group commented:

“Usain Bolt is XM and XM is Usain Bolt,” Chirs announced.

“From the day of our foundation we have been repeating and arguing that what matters in trading is execution speed. We have put endless resources to build our trading infrastructure to offer the trading speed we have today,” he said.

“I cannot describe what it means to have the fastest man ever to walk on this planet as our brand ambassador. What I can say is that we as XM feel privileged,” he explained.

“We are aligned and focused on the same principles simply in different arenas. In the same way Usain’s speed and passion has made him the man he is today, speed and passion has made XM the brand it is today,” he added.

Arguably the most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen, Usain St Leo Bolt created history at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio when he achieved the “Triple Triple” three gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Game

In addition to his 9 Olympic Games gold medals, Usain Bolt holds 11 World T&F Championships titles.

XM is an award-winning Forex and CFD Broker serving over 700,000 clients from 196 countries.

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