Watch: Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Kasi Bennett Puts On A Boob-Baring Display

Usain Bolt's girlfriend Kasi Bennett flaunts her busty figure up-close amid pregnancy rumors. Watch the footage!

Usain Bolt's Girlfriend Kasi Bennett Puts On A Boob-Baring Display

recently made headlines after her man, , took to social media to share photos and videos of the pair partying at an event in Kingston, Jamaica.  

In the Instagram posts, the power couple was seen having a blast as they danced, kissed, drank and vaped.

However, the Olympic champion’s girlfriend was the talk of the town as online users chimed in on her busty new look, including her controversial dress and “light-skin” complexion.

While many fans showed appreciation for the Marketing Director’s outfit, others criticized her attire, describing her as “tacky” and “cheap.” Some went as far as to suggest that Kasi Bennett is pregnant, based on her figure in the images.

Usain Bolt And Girl Kasi Bennett Get Extra Cozy While Partying In Kingston

Meanwhile, the fashionista, who has yet to respond to the baby speculations, shared an up close footage of herself in the said outfit from boobs to toes!

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