Usain Bolt's girl Kasi Bennett is being accused of undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

’s first lady is being accused of getting a breast augmentation after sharing a new photo on social media.

The busty photo of the sprint legend’s girlfriend has led many social media users to posit that  she went under the knife during a recent trip to Florida.

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Usain Bolt's Girl Kasi Sparks Breast Implant Speculation With Busty Photo 2017

Online users took to a suggestive post on JMG to share their views.

“Hope these can stop Ugo from having other women or is it that you re trying to compete with the younger girls? They look like Yanique’s own when she got them, all shiny, you can spot the fake breasts them from a mile away,” says an anonymous user.

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“ so sad. Nothing was wrong with her body to begin with. These plastic surgeons are so ruthless, more time they need to turn people away but we know how that goes. She soon find sumn else pon ar body to dismantle for no good reason. Those things are the size of two breadfruits and when since do breasts sit right under your collar bone? If it makes her happy I guess,” says another.

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“P.T.S God know it is sad. Fixing what was never broken. Look pon Angelina Jolie who cut hers off to you any money she would be happy with B cup cancer free breasts. Look pon Lil Kim and the Nicki she..plastic surgery used to be a thing that older women did, not women in their early 20s…she is so silly for this,” says another user.

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“WORST BOOB JOB I’VE EVER SEEN,” a user commented.

“A so Yanique own dem did look shine and stiff when them just do. Them soon come down man, give them some time to reach the height of her morals,” another user wrote.

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“She did them for carnival..she knows carnival is coming up so she wants to look super hot…wish she didn’t do that to herself though…she was a nice looking girl..she following stupid Rebecca weh whore out and we game lef,” a user wrote.

“Rebecca went to Miami surgeon called Dr. Baillo aka “Dr. Results.” I don’t know who did Kasi’s breast but, this is definitely not the work of Dr. Results. Kasi’s breast job looks low budget,” says another user.

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“I for one thought she needed a boob a job I’m all for women getting minor enhancements and improving their image once it’s necessary and not overdone. Her weight loss made a huge impact on her boobs and they were small but hanging and look dead n suck out like she was breastfeeding 10 kids so I’m here for her boob job!

Right now they don’t look good too high and up in her neck
Hopefully they drop and sit nicely in a few months to come.

What these girls also don’t understand is that plastic surgery had to be maintained so they will have to suck on to a money man for the rest of their lives and take shit especially if she doesn’t want to work.
This doesn’t apply to independent women who can afford to maintain their plastic surgeries.

Also guys in Florida it only cost $2500 to get ur boobs don
That’s seriously NOTHING !!!! Alsoooooo Kasi lives in the same. Apartment and drives the same car the range is borrow goods. Don’t let SM fool you. She still get no assets out of USAIN up to now,” another anonymous user commented.

Kasi, who is currently on holiday in Florida, has yet to address the boob job rumors.

In the meanwhile, Usain Bolt has recently been spotted partying hard in Trinidad for this year’s carnival celebrations.

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Usain Bolt's Girl Kasi Sparks Breast Implant Speculation With Busty Photo

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