Vanessa Bling breaks her silence on the topic of women doing cosmetic surgery.

breaks her silence about women going under the knife.

The “Independent Ladies” singer recently took to social media to share her views on the controversial topic of cosmetic plastic surgery.

“Ladies Why 😩?,” the forme Gaza, Portmore Empire artiste wrote under the video. “[Why] can’t you love yourself just the way you are? Not everyone was born to be slim and neat like me. And not everyone was born to be fat and sexy,” she captioned a now-deleted video of showing a woman who seemingly got a botched buttock enhancement.

“If you want to fix yourself then since you’re not pleased with the way God made you, why you don’t do it good then? I am not here to judge anyone. But please just love yourself ladies 🙏. Godd bless you all. ❤️,” she added.

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Vanessa Bling’s former mentor, , released a song celebrating women who have undergone surgery to alter parts of their bodies, last year.

The song, Luxury Doll, has been creating quite a buzz as females who have gone under the knife feel it’s high time someone celebrated their decision to alter their image instead of lashing out against them with harsh criticism and negativity.

Lisa Hyper, former protege of Kartel, agreed.

“Vybz Kartel has always been and will be about the ladies. I guess because it’s now a trend for females to do butt implants, breast implants and tummy tuck, he chose to give them a name and song just in case after they did the surgeries they still feel a little way,” Lisa Hyper said.

“Look at what he did with freaky girls. When most of the other male entertainers were being of a double standard about freaky girls, Kartel seh, ‘freaky gyal a dem gyal deh me love’. Same thing he’s doing with Luxury Doll,” she added.

Several acts, such as Yanique Barrett, Sher and Shauna Chynn, have since come forward to disclose that they have done surgery over the past months.

Over the last year, Miss Kitty and have come under attack from fans for allegedly undergoing surgery to acquire a more voluptuous figure.

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