Watch: Aidonia Gets Lovey Dovey With Wife Kimberly During Wedding Anniversary Celebration

From cuddling to kissing, Aidonia shows his wife Kimberly a wonderful time during their wedding anniversary. See the photos and videos!

Watch: Aidonia And Wife Kimberly Get Smooshy During Anniversary Celebration

swept his sweetheart, , off her feet during their wedding anniversary in the past few days!

Earlier this week, the artist and his wife recently celebrated their marriage.

Aidonia took to Instagram to express his affection for Kimberly.

“SEP 10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY,” he wrote while tagging her to the photo post.

Aidonia And Wife Kimberly Get Lovey Dovey During Anniversary Celebration

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The mother of his child also shared several photos and videos from their pleasurable occasion.

“Happy Anniversary Booski baby ❤️❤️😍😘😍,” she wrote on the photo sharing platform.

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