Labba Labba apologizes to Beenie Man and dismisses his claims that the Dancehall veteran "paid to kill" dancer Bogle.

has sent a public apology to Bennie Man while backpedaling on his claim that the superstar “paid to kill” Jamaican dance legend .

Following a week of intense scrutiny, the dance veteran has apologized to for accusing him of conspiracy to murder during an impromptu interview last week.

Labba Labba had claimed that the “King of the Dancehall” deejay was responsible for the 2006 murder of iconic dancer.

He said that he was “drunk off some Hennessy” and knows nothing about the deejay or the situation surrounding Bogle’s death.

Labba indicated that he was “drunk and unaware he was of what he was saying” when he made false claims that Beenie Man and Tristan Palmer’s son were involved in the dancer’s murder.

Watch the footage of Labba Labba apologizing to Beenie Man over Bogle rumors!

The dancer went on to seek for the forgiveness of both parties in the short video clip.

“Listen people, me did a drink some Hennessy and me drunk and it get to me head, and one idiot man come and start video me. me never know him a put it pan YouTube and me go talk things bout Tristan Palmer and Beenie Man. A lie, me nuh know nothing bout that,” he said.

“A drunk me drunk and me a beg dem please forgive me. Me apologise to Tristan and Beenie Man … me nuh know nothing bout dat.”

Labba Labba turned heads last week after claiming that Beenie Man paid a hitman a sum of $100,000 to have Bogle killed following between the two Dancehall acts at a weekly event involving two chickens.

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