Spice Says D’Angel Is An ‘Ungrateful Hypocrite’

Spice dishes out scorching hot tea about her bitter relationship with D'Angel, labeling her as an 'ungrateful hypocrite.' Watch the footage!

Video - Spice Disses D'Angel After Collaborating On 'No worries'

revealed that she regrets collaborating with the fellow entertainer, D’Angel.

Leaving no stone unturned, the artist recently took to Instagram live to dish out some scorching hot tea about her bitter relationship with the “I’m Blessed” singer.

Over the weekend, Spice was hosting her weekly Question and Answer session dubbed ‘Genie Saturdays’ on IG and YouTube with her Team Spice dancers when a fan asked her about doing a joint song with Pamputtae.

After stating that she won’t be working with anymore female Dancehall entertainers, Spice expressed that the “Sticky Wine” deejay would be the only exception.

“The year ah end, so mi wah some things off my chest. Pamputtae a my sister, mi love Pamputtae from mi heart… because she nuh badmind like some of the females in the business. I would definitely do a song with Pamputtae,” she said.

Spice also explained that Pamputtae, who she describes as having a “good, clean heart,” has never shown her signs that she was “jealous of her success.” However, the “Under Fire” singer expressed regret at collaborating with D’Angel on the 2017 song, “No Worries.”

“D’Angel could a stay,” Spice stated before detailing her fallout with the self-proclaimed “First lady of Dancehall.”

“[D’Angel] called down mi phone, she wan do collaboration and thing, member unu know seh nothing never did a gwan fi Angel,” Spice said.

“Ano lie mi a tell, nothing never did a gwan fi Angel until me give [her] the song No Worries…. Mi do the song No Worries and unu see seh it hit and it give her supn, suh everything weh a gwan fi Angel right now a me mek it a gwan fi her,” she added.

Spice further uncovered that after the Good Good Productions-produced track was released, she never heard from D’Angel again. She also labelled D’Angel as a “hypocrite” for tolerating her stylist to disrespect Spice online after an incident with Team Spice dancer, Rebel.

D’Angel, who is currently in Florida, USA, told media reporters that she has been too preoccupied and therefore has not seen Spice’s video.

“I’ve been travelling … so I don’t really know what’s going on, except for what’s happening with my career at this time. I’m too focused on D’Angel and what I have in store for my fans for 2019, to be caught up in anything else that’s going on,” the “Badmind Bruk” singer said.

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