Spice Flaunts & Explains Her ‘Skin Bleaching’ New Look

Spice explains her shocking lighter skin after breaking the internet with "white" look photo. Full details inside!

Spice Responds To 'Skin Bleaching' Backlash

received harsh criticism amid claims she had “bleached” her skin after sporting a drastically lighter skin complexion on social media.

The Jamaican artist has sparked debate amongst fans after unveiling her significantly lighter skin on Instagram.

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The Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star on Monday took to the photo-sharing platform to upload a picture of herself sporting long blonde hair and a noticeably lighter skin tone.

“Nothing wrong with a fresh start,” she captioned the controversial photo.

Love and Hip Hop Star Spice Gets Backlash Over Skin Beaching

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The Dancehall artist also took the time to encourage her fans to pre-order her new mixtape “Captured.” However, the comments section was flooded with fans mostly discussing Spice’s shockingly different appearance with some wondering whether or not it was down to Photoshop.

“It’s sad that you bleached your skin,” one fan before adding, “What type of message do you think your sending out there to other lil black girls who get picked on because of their skin colour? To change their skin to? This sad.”

“Who are we to judge, people get plastic surgery she choose to bleach her skin,” another debated.

Spice wiped all of her previous posts from Instagram two weeks ago before revealing her new look.

During an interview on Instagram Live, the Dancehall entertainer discussed her new look while explaining why she “changed her complexion.”

Following the backlash, Spice also took to Instagram to rubbish claims of Photoshop.

“Since the photo was photoshopped. How did I video shop this on snap chat?” the artist wrote with a slew of laughing emojis alongside a video of her deejaying.

A source close to Spice told Hype Life Magazine that there’s track titled “Black Hyprocrisy” on her upcoming mixtape, which is the reason behind her drastic new look.

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