Vybz Kartel Crowned “King of Dancehall” By Fans

Vybz Kartel has been crowned the King of Dancehall by fans following Spice and Beenie Man's debate.

Vybz Kartel Crowned The King of Dancehall by Fans

Is the current King of ?

Dancehall fans, who have been debating for the past few weeks, declared Vybz Kartel as the official Dancehall King after crowning fellow Jamaican entertainer, , as the new queen.

Beenie Man Says Spice Is Not The Queen Of Dancehall

Vybz Kartel Appeal Reset To July

and Spice recently had social media blowup over whether or not she is the new since Lady Saw converted to Christianity.

The “Girls Dem Sugar” deejay, in a recent interview, stated that the “Needle Eye” deejay is more of a self-appointed designated queen.

However, Spice slammed back, accusing Beenie Man of self-proclaiming while referring to Kartel as the true heir to the throne.

Beenie Man Says Spice Is Not The Queen Of Dancehall

Dancehall fans took to social media to share their opinions on the topic.

“Personally, I think Spice and Vybz Kartel are the queen and king of dancehall. I have ratings for Beenie Man, but right now, Kartel is the man even from behind bars, there is no debating that the Worl’ Boss achieved a height in dancehall that Beenie never did and even in prison the man is still running the place,” one fan expressed.

“Beenie Man was the king but his reign has come to an end, its Vybz Kartel who is the true king now. He [Beenie Man] should retire now just like Lady Saw and let Kartel take the title. Nothing wrong with these old heads stepping aside making way for the new generation to run the business,” another fan indicated.

Nevertheless, some fans agree that Beenie is still at the helm of Dancehall.

“Beenie is still the king but Kartel is seriously a strong contender for the title, but it’s foolish to think that either is the king right now when achieved so much for the music,” one fan asserted.

“Beenie Man has acquired so much successover the years, the title belongs to him,” another professed.

Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving life in prison for murder, released an album, King of the Dancehall, last year.

The 14-track project, which features hits including “Couloring This Life,” “Fever,” “Most Wanted” and “Western Union,” received a vast amount of positive reviews while ranking one of the best Dancehall albums of 2016.

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