Vybz Kartel is petrified and appalled of his 'Beautiful Girl' song being used in a promo video for VICE News' documentary, 'The Gully Queens of New Kingston.'

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artist might be in prison, but he still has social communication with his fan around the world via Twitter.

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An unofficial music video for the embattled artist Vybz Kartel’s ‘Beautiful Girl,’ by NOISEY, casting only a group of homosexuals and trans has provoked much World Boss fans around the world.

With a series of angered tweets from the Jamaican deejay, it clearly indicates that Kartel is petrified and appalled of his music being used in the promo video for VICE News’ documentary, ‘The Gully Queens of New Kingston,’ which is about a growing group of unfortunate Jamaican gay men and trans living in the gutters below the streets of New Kingston.

Vybz Kartel’s reaction to ‘Beatiful Girl’ music video via Twitter:

“We see from the news that the practice of trying to get a hype off Vybz Kartel’s name is still alive and kicking. #trytobeoriginal”

“Stop try mix up the Gaza ina u nastiness…”

“Nuff a dem that pretending to be “official” etc r really some mole n informer that using the internet to try harm the Gaza n Addi reputation”

“We just confirm say certain “official” online site is some fassy who a try infiltrate the ting. Informa fwd in all different disguise”

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Noisey claimed that they licensed the single ‘Beautiful Girls,’ which have been used to make the unofficial music video as a promo for their gay documentary ‘The Gully Queens of New Kingston.’

“Kartel was unable to sign off on this video as an official promo, but we licensed the song and are putting it out there to show people a rarely seen side of one of our favorite places in the world.”

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So Unique producer Elvis Redwood, who says he is the man in charge of Adijaheim Records and Short Boss Records, said he is appalled by the actions of Noisey.

“We disapprove of this. We distance ourselves from it. They didn’t ask for clearance and we have nothing to do with it,” said Redwood, who says he is the man in charge of Adijaheim Records and Short Boss Records.

“We are just disappointed that they used the artiste’s song in a video like that without approval. We are against homosexuality and it is illegal in Jamaica.”

Incarcerated deejay, Kartel, has reported ordered his legal team to address the situation.

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